Building "Sally"
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This is a page about building the "Sally".  She was Built by Brent Smith.

See pictures of the finished "Sally" sailing!

(Click on the picture to see a larger version!) 


1const1-600.jpg (41711 bytes)

on _molds2-600.jpg (36490 bytes) rough_pb-a-600.jpg (40769 bytes)

 The hull lay-up - one plank at a time!

The hull still on its molds

Rough Casting of one of the two ballast weights

lead-2-600.jpg (39228 bytes)

install_ballast2-600.jpg (36146 bytes) cabin-a-600.jpg (36420 bytes)

 Finished ballast piece after being shaped with a power planner

Installing the ballast 

 The cabin being roughed in. Pictured in front of the bow on the right is the centerboard.

britwork-a-600.jpg (37885 bytes) rigging-600.jpg (50765 bytes) first_trial-a-600.jpg (37717 bytes)

Finishing on the bright works...and there is a LOT of it! 

Rigging the Furler!

Getting ready for Sally's first sail!


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